Friday, September 2, 2005


Romantic comedy, action

Brad Pitt: John Smith, principal of Smith Engineering
Angelina Jolie: Jane Smith, boss? of I-Temp Technology Staffing

It is a bit of a stretch to promote this as a romantic-comic action movie. Apart from their first meeting in Bogota, there is no romance between Mr. and Mrs. Smith. In fact, they are in marriage counselling to sort out their problems at the beginnning. Moreover they hardly speak to each other much less with any feeling of love and devotion.

As far as the comedic aspect goes, there was nothing funny about the situation, nor anything in the dialog that engendered any kind of smile, chuckle, or whatever. And the action: it is there but interspersed between long dull periods of inane talk mostly at the dinner table, often with the admonition “promptly at seven”.

One other thing: the pompous, stiff acting is delivered in a matter-of-fact manner making you think they were reading their lines from cue cards. Perhaps they were.

My suggestion: get a hold of the trailer and you get to see the best of the movie in a minute or so. That’s all the time worth spending on this one.

for sequences of violence, intense action, sexual content and brief strong language.

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