Monday, September 5, 2005



The Grimm brothers were not writers. They became famous instead as the first to publish an extensive collection of German fairy tales in 1812. These stories were not meant for children because they dealt with witches, goblins, trolls and wolves that prowl the dark forests throughout the countryside.
In 1857, an English version of their book got rid of the objectionable parts and rewrote the stories so children could enjoy them.

Matt Damon: Wilhelm Grimm
Heath Ledger: his brother Jakob

Given that the title pretty well says it all, most people would expect to see a movie about the famous brothers. Instead this is a dark, creepy film with lots of scary things that are barely discernible in the dimly lit settings.

Although there are short snippets of several well-known tales, something very frightening scares Little Red Riding Hood and we are left wondering why Gretel is screaming when she looks behind the tree. The whole premise of the movie is that there is a vile nasty witch lurking in the forest who is responsible for the disappearance of so many young girls. The brothers Grimm are out to get her. Not the stuff of merrymaking.

for violence, frightening sequences and brief suggestive material.

Anyone not trained as a professional butcher will be taken back by the gruesome on-camera skinning of a rabbit about 15 minutes into the film. Audible gasps from some members of the audience attest to the scene’s shocking horror.

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