Thursday, August 4, 2005


In Spanish with English subtitles

Mirella Pascual: Marta Acuña, an exemplary employee of a small, old, dilapidated sock factory located somewhere in Uruguay
Andres Pazos: Jacobo Köller, the factory owner
Jorge Bolani: his more energetic brother Herman, owner of a much more successful sock factory in Brazil

Unlike so many movies with lots of dialogue and bustling action, this one is quite the opposite. The writers have chosen to let the images tell the story, relying on very little dialog to “fill in the blanks”. Excellent performances from all three principals, all of whom are so true to life, reminding us of people we have seen or met. With it’s measured slow pace, the movie is probably best seen with your feet up and a big bag of popcorn at your side.


The film was Uruguay's entry to the Academy Award competition for Best Foreign-Language Film. It did not get nominated, which is no surprise to many, as it seems the Academy has a long-standing aversion to Latin American cinema.

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