Thursday, March 24, 2005


Original title: Shijie
In Mandarin and Russian with English subtitles

Located in the Fengtai District 16 kilometres from the city proper, the World Park in Beijing features 106 of the most famous sites from 14 countries and regions the world over. Visitors can take an electric train and a motorboat through the park to simulate a trip around the world. The park also has a fountain operated by laser beams, a plant maze and a fairyland in which children and adults alike can enjoy themselves. Regular international parades provide the tourist with a chance to view folk customs from different countries. The park's promotion says, 'you can see the world without ever leaving Beijing'.

A dancer named Tao
Her boyfriend, a security guard named Taisheng

The movie takes place in a make-believe world so that affects the lives of the people working there. The movie focuses on three couples and their friends showing the difficulties of relationships and their low level of expectation. But it does it at a snail’s pace. Two and a half-hours is far too long for a movie that’s not of epic proportions. And most of the time the action takes place in dimly lit places so you’re forever squinting to see what the heck is going on.

for crude and sexual humour, language and some drug references.

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