Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Animated comedy

StanleyTucci: Herb Copperbottom, dishwasher at Link's Greasy Spoon
Dianne Wiest: Mrs. Copperbottom
Ewan McGregor: their son Rodney
Mel Brooks: founder of Bigweld Industries
Robin Williams: a fast-talking robot named Fender
Greg Kinnear: Bigweld Industries’ new boss and corporate tyrant Ratchet
Halle Berry: Cappy, a beautiful Bigweld Industries executive
Paul Giamatti: Tim, Bigweld Industries front gate guard
Jim Broadbent: Rachet's mom Madame Gasket
Amanda Bynes: Fender’s kid sister Piper

There are many clever bits and tons of action that should keep the kids amused. The movie is a "follow your dreams" story but it’s a mixed bag: plenty of originality intermixed with a lot of recycled stuff. Unfortunately the rapid-fire delivery by Robin Williams makes it impossible to catch all the jokes. And there are more than a few including some of the “potty-mouth” type. Overall the movie is entertaining and quite inoffensive.


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