Monday, March 14, 2005



Quoting from their website “Now in its 27th Year the Superdog show is one of North America’s premier live entertainment events, enthralling audiences of all ages with a stunning, riveting canine spectacle unlike any performance ever seen before. From Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles, Vancouver and Halifax with stops in Mexico, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, Superdogs create Poochmania wherever they appear.”

Matthew Harbour: 11-year-old Daniel
Patrick Goyette: Daniel’s father
Wyatt Bowen: William, one of Daniel’s best friends and instigator of pranks
William Phan: Colin, another of Daniel’s friends
Macha Grenon: owner of a dog kennel
Annie Bovaird: her daughter April

The movie can best be described as so-so. Not the worst movie about kids and dogs, but not the best either. The story lines revolving around the two dogs in Daniel’s life (Wolf and Gypsy) are not well developed, more like snippets once in a while. Although most of the dogs are cute, and their antics fun to watch, their show performance is too repetitive. Children wouldn’t mind, but adults will find it annoying.
The acting for the most part is only mediocre and not all that believable, probably because some of the bilingual cast are not as comfortable speaking their parts in English as in their mother tongue.


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