Friday, August 29, 2014


Original title: Tu dors Nicole
In French with English subtitles

Julianne Côté: 22-year-old Nicole
Marc-André Grondin: her older brother Rémi
Francis La Haye: JF, the band drummer
Simon Larouche: Pat, the band bass guitarist
Catherine St-Laurent: Nicole’s best friend Véronique
Godefroy Reding: 10-year-old Martin

Boring. This one-word-synopsis pretty well says it all.

Showing snippets of her boring summer spent at home, this episodic glimpse at the life of Nicole goes nowhere. Shot in boring black and white, my guess is the script was written on the back of a beverage coaster and probably took less time to complete than consume the aforementioned beverage.

Not only is there no plot, the “events” have been dredged from similar movies so there’s nothing new to be seen. It is just barely watchable, mostly to see if something does happen. At the risk of giving away too much I’ll not say more but you can guess.

for brief sexual situations.

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