Friday, August 8, 2014


Ellar Coltrane: 6-year-old Mason
Patricia Arquette: his mother Olivia
Lorelei Linklater: Mason’s 8-year-old sister Samantha “Sam”
Libby Villari: Mason’s grandmother
Ethan Hawke: Mason’s father
Marco Perella: Professor Bill Welbrock
Brad Hawkins: Jim, an Afghanistan/Iraq War veteran
Jenni Tooley: Mason Sr.’s new girlfriend
Zoe Graham: Mason Jr.’s new girlfriend

The thing that sets this apart from all the other movies about growing up is the unconventional method used: the same four principal actors play their role during the 12-year period it took to film. Usually actors who look like their younger counterparts are brought in to advance the story.

Episodic in nature, about every two or three years there is another series of events centering around the lives of the four. But the passage of time occurs without warning: from one scene to the next they have aged. Snap! Just like that.

Another thing that sets this one apart from most movies is its length: with a running time of 166 minutes following the usual trailers means a three-hour viewing session. Not everyone has that much time to spend watching a film.

The acting is uniformly good although the kid’s parents are the best of the bunch.


for language including sexual references as well as for teen drug and alcohol use.

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