Monday, December 30, 2013


Leonardo DiCaprio: 25-year-old Jordan Belfort
Matthew McConaughey: his boss Mark Hanna
Cristin Milloti: his wife Teresa
Jonah Hill: his neighbour salesman Donnie Azoff
Rob Reiner: his father Max
Christine Ebersole: his mother Leah
Kyle Chandler: FBI agent Patrick Denham
Margot Robbie: party-goer Naomi Lapaglia
Jean Dujardin: Swiss banker Jean-Jacques Saurel
Joanna Lumley: Naomi’s aunt Emma

Several times I was tempted to walk out because like a lot of discriminating viewers I am not comfortable viewing hours of debauchery depicted on screen. And I certainly do not like having to listen to dialogue you would expect from a member of the Hells Angles bike gang not from stockbrokers. It has been reported that the f-word is used 506 times in the film; frankly, it seems like twice that many. And it’s not just the guys who swear and curse: the women talk like that too.

And on top of that, it is too long, running almost three hours since a lot of the hard-partying lifestyle is repetitive. Total frontal nudity, acts of sexual depravity, explicit love-making and groping may be eye-candy to some, but not to me. Sorry, not my style.

However DiCaprio’s depiction of the real-life swindler has got to be one of his best and the main reason for hanging in if you can put up with everything else.

for sequences of sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use and language throughout along with some violence.


  • Geneva’s landmark icon, the Jet d’Eau, can be seen through the office window of the Swiss banker but it is obviously just a photo of the real thing since it does not move.
  • There are just five steps leading up to the country club but in one shot directly in front there are at least a dozen steps, maybe more.
  • Cell phones of the sort being used were not introduced until 2004, some five years after these events transpired.

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