Saturday, December 14, 2013



Bruce Dem: seventies-something Woody Grant
Will Forte: his son David
June Squibb: David’s mother Kate
Bob Odenkirk: David’s older brother Ross
Mary Louise Wilson: David and Ross’ aunt
Rance Howard: their uncle Ray
Stacy Keach: Woody’s old business partner Ed Pegram
Angela McEwan: Peg Nagy, editor/publisher of The Hawthorn Republican

Several things sets this one apart from the others:
  • It is shot in black and white
  • None of the cast are high profile well-known actors
It is a terrific story about someone wanting to see things through with dialogue and situations that are believable, characters that ring true and the interpersonal dynamics bang on. The acting is uniformly good and I just loved the pacing, the depiction of rural family life and the amusing moments. What a great combination.


for some strong language.

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