Thursday, August 16, 2012



Meryl Streep: Kay Soames, a retail shop employee
Tommy Lee Jones: her husband Arnold, Senior Partner in an Accounting firm
Steve Carell: Marriage Councillor Dr. Bernie Feld

Brilliant. No other term comes close to describing Meryl Streep’s portrayal of a woman who is unhappy with her marriage of some thirty-odd years. Not that the other two principals are slouches, it’s just that she is so much better than they are.

The story will resonate with anyone who has been (or still is) in a long term relationship. There is a ring of truth about it and it does not feel fake. Perhaps one of the writer’s went through this or knows someone who did?

Clearly geared to the more discerning viewer, one moviegoer so succinctly put it this way: “an interesting movie that caters to a more senior demographic although parts of it made me cringe” because of the explicit and graphic nature of some scenes. Most people will feel the same, being uncomfortable hearing others talk about their intimate personal sex life. However, like me, you can always look away if it becomes too much. But more often than not there is some comic relief, either a titter or a chuckle from someone.

 for mature thematic content involving sexuality.

By splitting the screen during the showing of the end credits I feel I got gypped having to focus on the continuation of the movie with no opportunity to read the credits as they roll by. I hope this does not become a trend in the movie industry because some of us enjoy staying to the end reading these things.

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