Saturday, June 4, 2011


In French with English subtitles

In French a "potiche" has several definitons: on one hand it is a decorative vase, but also figuratively it is someone in a honorary position without real power, someone such as a “trophy wife”.

Catherine Deneuve: Suzanne Pujol
Fabrice Luchini: her husband Robert, owner/manager of an umbrella factory
Judith Godrèche: their daughter Joëlle
Jérémie Rénier: their son Laurent
Karin Viard: Robert’s “secretary” Nadège
Gérard Depardieu: the town's mayor Maurice Babin

It comes across very much like a stage play with the actors going through the motions, almost in a silly tongue-in-cheek way as though it’s just a lark, despite its strong message for woman’s liberation.

The acting for the most part is fine but it’s just that: it’s acting, a pretence, a caricature of the real thing. The final scene is 100% stage acting and serves only as a reminder that it’s not to be taken too seriously.

for some sexual situations (but hardly deserving this harsh a rating compared to what is shown in most R-rated movies).

A third definition for “postiche” is “false” and could well be the producer’s inside joke given that the film really does not ring true.

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