Sunday, June 19, 2011


84th Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay

Romantic comedy

Owen Wilson: Hollywood screenwriter Gil Pender
Rachel McAdams: his fiancée Inez
Mimi Kennedy: her mother Wendy
Kurt Fuller: her father John
Michael Sheen: Inez’s ex Paul
Carla Bruni: Rodin museum guide
Alison Pill: party-girl Zelda
Tom Hiddleston: her husband Scott
Corey Stoll: Ernest
Léa Seydoux: Gabrielle, owner of a second-hand store
Kathy Bates: Gertrude
Adrien Brody: Salvador
Marion Cotillard: fashion designer Adriana

At the risk of spoiling the pleasure of having the events unfold at their own pace just let me say that this is a clever and entertaining movie with more than a few well considered bits of dialogue and some astute observations.

Good romantic comedies are hard to come by but this one is definitely for the discerning audience and not the usual “made for the masses” light-weight forgettable ones too often foisted on the public.

Owen Wilson is perfectly cast as the romantic with his laid back childlike outlook on life. Also turning in excellent performances are Marion Cotillard and Adrien Brody to name but a few.

for some sexual references and smoking.

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