Saturday, April 9, 2011


War drama
Some dialogue in Dutch and German with English subtitles.
Original title: Oorlogswinter

In May 1940 Germany attacked France though the Low Countries. Thus began the occupation of Holland by the Wehrmacht, the armed forces of Nazi Germany.

Martijn Lakemeier: 14-year old Michiel van Beusekom
Jess van Driel: his friend Theo
Raymond Thiry: Michiel’s father Jacob, the town mayor
Jamie Campbell Bower: Jack, downed British paratrooper
Yorick van Wageningen: Michiel’s Uncle Ben
Melody Klaver: Michiel’s sister Erica, a nurse

No doubt based on a true story the plight of the Dutch during the occupation created conflict and questionable loyalties even among families. Seen from the perspective of a 14-year-old makes it even more difficult to completely understand the situation.

The unhurried pace allows time to better appreciate the seriousness of the situation and the great attention to detail makes it all that much more believable.

for some language. This is hardly justified: two, maybe three f-words to me is not sufficiient reason for such a harsh rating. PG would be more appropriate.

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