Saturday, April 16, 2011


Animated action/adventure

Leslie Mann: Linda, owner of an independent bookstore
Jesse Eisenberg: Blu, her male domesticated Macaw
Rodrigo Santoro: TĂșlio, a Brazilian ornithologist (a zoologist who studies birds)
Anne Hathaway: Jewel, a female Macaw
Jake Austin: Brazilian teenager Fernando
Carlos Ponce: exotic bird smuggler Marcel Pedro, a red crested Cardinal
Jamie Foxx: Nico, a yellow Canary
Georger Lopez: Rafael, a Toucan
Tracy Morgan: Luiz, a bulldog
Jemaine Clement: Nigel, a Cockatoo

The story pitting good guys vs. bad guys is frequently put on hold for a musical interlude most often the samba that is so much part of the vibrant city of Rio de Jeneiro. It’s charming, very colourful and there’s a realistic rendering of the animals and birds.

Anyone older than 10 will probably find the humour to be mildly amusing, not the laugh-out-loud sort. It lacks the jokes geared to the adults that goes over the head of the kids so children will get a bigger kick out of it, this despite the absence of the rude body noises they have come to expect.

for mild off color humor.

The producers have gone to great lengths to capture the reality of Rio even to the extent of the wavy sidewalk pattern along the beach front and correctly showing the Rio Samba School Parade taking place within the grandstand area rather than out on the city streets.

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