Monday, January 24, 2011


Based on a true story

Bob Hoskins: union representative Albert Passing
Geraldine James: union shop steward Connie
Kenneth Cranham: union head Monty Taylor
Sally Hawkins: Rita O’Grady, employee at Ford’s plant
Jaime Winstone: Sandra, the pretty employee
Daniel Mays: Rita’s husband Eddie
Rupert Graves: Peter Hopkins, a senior Ford executive
Rosamund Pike: his wife Lisa
Miranda Richardson: Secretary of State Barbara Castle
John Sessions: Prime Minister Harold Wilson

Things were different back in the late ‘60’s when women were paid lower wages than men for the same work. In Britian the Labour government along with the company’s union agreed with this practice. The film is about what ensued when the women at one plant finally took a stand against this injustice.

An entertaining film in part because I suspect the screen writers took some liberty with the actual facts. However great attention to detail has gone into the costuming that lends it an air of authenticity.

The acting is uniformly good with more than a few humourous moments, some of which went over my head because of the strong British accents.

for language and brief sexuality.

The expression “to be at sixes and sevens” is an English idiom to describe a state of confusion or disarray, of being all mixed up.

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