Sunday, January 16, 2011



Ryan Gosling: Dean, a house painter
Michelle Williams: his wife Cindy, a family clinic nurse
Faith Wladyka: their 5-year-old daughter Frankie
John Doman: Cindy’s father Jerry
Jen Jones: Gramma, Cindy’s mother
Mike Vogel: Bobby, one of Cindy’s old flames
Ben Shenkman: Cindy’s employer Dr. Feinberg

The beginning stages of the couple’s relationship is revealed in flashback but done so seamlessly the first few times you’re not sure what’s going on. After a while you get to recognize that the younger Dean is not wearing glasses and the younger Cindy always wears her hair long.

Two things set this one apart from similar films: there is an air of authenticity about it and the excellent performances of the two protagonists. That’s a winning combination.

Just a word of warning: there are several steamy, very explicit sex scenes that some would deem as soft-core pornography.

for strong graphic sexual content and language.

I haven’t been at a movie and heard so much sniffling and blowing of noses for years.

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