Sunday, October 24, 2010



Jim Sturgess: Soren, a little barn owl
Ryan Kwanten: his older brother Kludd
Hugo Weaving: their father Noctus
Joel Edgerton: Metalbeak, leader of the “Pure Ones”
Helen Mirren: his mate Nyra
and others no doubt

I’m glad these books were not around when I was reading children’s literature: what a dreadful, awful experience that would have been. As far as the movie version goes if I had a young child I would not let him/her even look at the poster much less go see the movie.

Here’s the premise; you judge for yourself:
A cute little barn owl named Soren in learning to fly winds up on the ground along with his brother Kludd. After being attacked and scared to death by a Tasmanian devil they are then captured by menacing looking owls who swoop down and take them to an dark evil looking place brimming with smoke and fire. They are told they will now become soldiers whereupon they are pounced upon by a very realistic bat with big teeth who will be their guardian.

All this in the first half hour.

With that I got up and left.

for some sequences of scary action.

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