Saturday, October 9, 2010


Teenage comedy

Emma Stone: East Ojai High School student Olive Penderghast
Aly Michalka: her best friend Rhiannon “Ria”Abernathy
Amanda Bynes: Marianne Bryant, active member of the local church group
Thomas Haden Church: English class teacher Mr. Griffith
Dan Byrd: Olive’s new friend Brandon
Malcolm McDowell: the school's principal
Patricia Clarkson: Olive’s mother Rosemary
Stanley Tucci: Olive’s father Dill
Carn Gigandet: Marianne's boyfriend Micah
Lisa Kudrow: school guidance counselor Mrs. Grifffn
Penn Badgley: Olive’s first crush Todd Woodchuck

Taking a rather different twist on the age-old problem facing teenagers (do I or don’t I?) can lead to some unforeseen circumstances. All in good taste mind you despite the nature of the, how do I put it?, going-ones.

With 95% of the cast under 20 it’s quite remarkable how much talent there is out there. Mind you they’ve been given a well-written script that garners the laughs but they have to pull it off. And that they do in spades.

for mature thematic elements involving teenage sexuality, language and some drug material.

Sitting behind Emma, her dog changes position from one shot to the next, sometimes closer to the end of the bed, other times further away, sometimes with a chew toy, sometimes not.

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