Thursday, September 16, 2010


Romantic comedy
Orignal title: L'arnacœur
In French with English subtitles

Romain Duris: Alex Lippi, professional romantic mercenary
Julie Ferrier: his sister Mélanie
François Damiens: Mélanie’s husband Marc
Vanessa Paradis: 30-year-old wine expert Juliette Van Der Becq
Jacques Franz: her rich father
Héléna Noguerra: Juliette’s best friend Sophie
Andrew Lincoln: Juliette’s investment-banker fiancé Jonathan Alcott

What sets this one apart from others of this sort is that both elements are very much in evidence: there’s romance (lots and lots of it) and some funny bits. Not many romantic comedies can match that.

But it goes a bit too far allowing Sophie’s slutty nature to predominate for several scenes. Frankly it lacks credibility as I cannot see Juliette, the “perfect lady”, hanging out for a minute with someone like that. To my mind it takes the whole thing down a notch.

for brief sexuality and language.

In an attempted carjacking the driver’s side window gets smashed but just minutes later Alex and Juliette drive off and it’s perfectly fine, not a scratch on it.

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