Saturday, September 11, 2010


Romantic comedy

Justin Long: 30-something record company employee Garrett
Jason Sudeikis: Garrett's friend Box
Charlie Day: Garrett's roomie Dan
Drew Barrymore: 31-year-old newspaper intern Erin
Christina Applegate: Erin’s older sister Corinne
Jim Gaffigan: Corinne’s husband Phil

The target audience will love it: the story of a long distance romance with lengthy discussions about music and boy-bands often taking place in one of the many bar scenes frequently interrupted by scenes of sex, lots of sex.

And if that is not enough about every fourth or fifth utterance is the f-word. Not just from the mouths of Garret’s vulgar friends but most everyone including Erin’s sister who strikes me as the one person who would not have a potty mouth. But I was wrong.

I could only take so much of this and while the two principals were engaged in rather graphic phone sex I left.

for sexual content including dialogue, language throughout, some drug use and brief nudity.

• The product placement rotating bottle nitpick: from one shot to the next the bottle rotates so that the label is clearly seen. This happens throughout the movie with all three brands.
• Garret gets a soft drink out of the fridge and puts it down on the coffee table in front of him while he makes his call. When the scene changes so has the can; it has moved off closer to the edge although Garret did not touch it.
• Garret says he has a middle seat on his flight. Unlike other carriers Southwest Airlines passengers have no idea what seat they will have before boarding since they are only assigned to a boarding group and only when they get on board do they chose a seat.
• Garret drops his bag to his left then sits down beside Erin in the airport. When the camera pulls back the bag has magically moved to his right.

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