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Comic book action/adventure

Scott Pilgrim is a graphic novel series by Byran Lee O’Malley consisting of 6 volumes released between August 2004 and July 2010.

Michael Cera: 22-year-old bass player Scott Pilgrim
Alison Pill: the band's drummer Kim Pine, Scott’s ex-girlfriend
Mark Webber: the band's lead singer Stephen Stills
Johnny Simmons: wanna-be-bass player Young Neil
Kieran Culkin: Scott’s roommate Wallace Wells
Ellen Wong: 17-year-old high school student Knives Chau
Anna Kendrick: Scott's younger sister Stacey
Mary Elizabeth Winstead: Ramona Victoria Flowers
Satya Bhabha: one of Ramona’s evil exes, Matthew Patel
Chris Evans: another evil ex, Lucas Lee, movie star and skateboarder
Brandon Routh: evil ex Todd Ingram, a vegan with telekinetic powers
Mae Whitman: evil ex Roxanne "Roxy" Richter, a half-ninja

Fans of the series will love it; others less so.

It starts off with great promise but once Scott meets Ramona things change: to win her affection he has to battle all her seven ex-boy or girlfriends and these encounters play out like a video game.

To many all this might be written off as silly, bizarre humour for younger people whose main source of literature is comic books. I would agree with that assessment.

for stylized violence, sexual content, language and drug references.

• This is one of my classic nitpicks: when Stacey hangs up, Scott hears a dial tone. In reality the dial tone is only heard after picking up the phone before dialling. That’s why it’s called a dial tone.
• Scott and Ramona sit down on swings in the park, he on the left hand side, she on the right. In the next scene they have magically switched places.

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