Sunday, August 22, 2010


Live-action family fare

Maggie Gyllenhaal: Isabel Green
Asa Butterfield: her first born Norman
Lil Woods: his younger sister Megsie
Oscar Steer: Vincent, the youngest Green
Eros Vlahos: the kids cousins Cyril
Rosie Taylor-Ritson: and Celia Gray
Emma Thompson: Nanny McPhee
Maggie Smith: the town dry grocer Mrs. Docherty
Rhys Ifans: Isabel’s brother-in-law Phil
Sam Kelly: the local air raid warden Mr. Docherty
Sinead Matthews: two female enforcers Miss Topsey
Katy Brand: and Miss Turvey
Ralph Fiennes: Cyril and Celia’s father Lord Gray
Ewan McGregor: Isabel’s husband Rory

Wonderfully entertaining with five not-too-subtle lessons of life to be learned as the underlying premise for this get together. There are the requisite rude body noises and lots of poo jokes. Parents no doubt will think there is too much of this sort of thing but the kids love it.

Well crafted both in terms of the writing and the very look of it with just a smattering of CGI that adds to the fun. The acting is fine throughout and the English countryside has never looked better.

for rude humor, some language and mild thematic elements.

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