Saturday, July 10, 2010


Animated action\adventure

Steve Carell: Gru, candidate to become “the Greatest Villain of All Time”
Russell Brand: Gru’s mad scientist associate Dr. Nefario
Julie Andrews: Gru’s mother
Jason Segel: upstart inventor Vector
Kristen Wiig: Miss Hattie, owner of an orphanage
Miranda Cosgrove: Margo, a resident of Miss Hattie’s Home for Girls
Elsie Fisher: her tomboy friend Agnes
Dana Gaier: their young friend Edith
Will Arnett: the banker Mr. Perkins

The title gives a hint of what’s to come: a movie about an unpleasant, perhaps socially irresponsible person, who takes pride in being recognized as such. But what it does not tell you is that this is one witty, funny movie that is entertaining and heart-warming.

As with any good animated comedy geared to children there are references that only adults will understand such as the name of Gru’s bank. And there’s one joke for the Spanish speaking crowd and one for those old enough to know how to spell. But there are lots of other funny moments, some of them the laugh-out-loud sort.

Hans Zimmer, as Score Producer, is responsible for the wall-to-wall music. He remains my all-time favourite cinema soundtrack composer.

for rude humor and mild action.

The carnival game operator has a soft drink on the counter with a short straw in it. Moments later he takes a sip from it but the straw is twice as long.

I enjoyed the movie so much I saw it twice in both formats. To me this time it’s worth the extra few dollars to see the 3D version despite the slightly dimished brillance of colours.

Stick around during the end credits to see some more antics of Gru’s little yellow minions who jabber away while getting into more mischief.

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