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Leon Trotsky was born Leiba Davidovich Bronstein in November 1879. He was the fifth and favourite child of a well-to-do farmer David and his wife Anna. Trotsky became involved in revolutionary activities in 1896 writing and distributing pamphlets promoting socialist ideas among industrial workers and revolutionary students. In 1917 he was one of the leaders along with Vladimir Lenin of the Russian October Revolution.

Jay Baruchel: 17-year-old high school student Leon Bronstein
Tommie Amber Pirie: his sister Sarah
Saul Rubinek: their father David
Anne-Marie Cadieux: their stepmother Anna
Domini Blythe: School Administrator Mrs. Danvers
Tiio Horn: Student Council members Caroline
Ricky Mabe: and Tony
Colm Feore: School Principal Berkhoff
Emily Hampshire: 27-year-old graduate student Alexandra Leith
Michael Murphy: Professor and civil liberties lawyer Frank McGovern
Geneviève Bujold: School Commissioner Denise Archambault

This mildly amusing political satire about a teenage revolution is carried off beautifully by Baruchel. His performance is worth the price of admission alone. The supporting cast are up to the task apart from the less than stellar acting by the policemen.

Very much like a sitcom it is entertaining enough but with a run time of two hours it’s a tad too long.

for brief language and smoking.

• This is one of my classic nitpicks: when Alexandra hangs up Leon hears a dial tone. In reality the dial tone is only heard after picking up the phone before dialing. That’s why it’s called a dial tone.
• At 11:30 am the students begin leaving by the front door but the clock in the hallway behind them shows it to be 10:10 am.

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