Wednesday, May 12, 2010


True war story
In Norweigen, Swedish, German and Russian with English subtitles

During World War II Germany invaded Norway on April 9, 1940. Their primary reason for doing so was their dependence on Swedish iron ore which was shipped from the Norwegian port of Narvik. By securing access to Narvik the Germans could obtain the supply of iron ore they needed for their war effort without being concerned with a British naval blockade of Germany. By occupying the entire country German reconnaissance aircraft could operate far over the North Atlantic to attack convoys heading to Great Britain.

Aksel Hennie: 20-something-year-old Max Manus
Nicolai Broch: his friend Gregers Gram
Ken Duken: Gestapo commander Siegfried Wolfgang Fehmer
Agnes Kittelsen: Ida “Tikken” Linderbr√¶kke
Knut Joner: Gunnar S√łnsteby, member of the “Oslo group”

A good old fashioned war movie about the resistance movement in Norway against the German military during World War II. The action sequences are well done and the love story fits in nicely.

The great attention to detail is remarkable, among the very best I’ve seen: even the trousers show worn spots.

for war violence, brief language.

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