Friday, January 1, 2010



Daniel Day-Lewis: 40-something Italian Film Director Guido Contini
Judi Dench: his confidante and costume designer Lilli La Fleur
Penélope Cruz: Guido’s close friend Carla Albanese
Marion Cotillard: Guido’s wife Luisa
Fergie: Saraghina
Sophia Loren: Mamma Contini
Kate Hudson: American fashion journalist Stephanie Necrophuros
Nicole Kidman: songstress Claudia Jenssen

Struggling to begin production of his next film, Italia, the famous film director Guido has more than a few distractions to cope with, some going as far back to when he was nine. Relying upon his vivid imagination of what is to be, the musical numbers often come up unexpectedly. And disappear from your consciousness just as quickly: there is not one really good song out of the whole bunch. Nothing memorable at all. In fact several songs are downright painful to sit through, the worst being that touching musical number My Husband Makes Movies.

This is proof positive that it takes more than a group of A-class actors to make a musical work: good music is an essential requirement. Having a good story on top of that would be a bonus.

for sexual content and smoking.

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