Saturday, January 23, 2010


Based on a true story

Brendan Fraser: John Crowley, marketing executive with Bristol-Myers Squibb
Keri Russell: his wife Aileen
Meredith Droeger: their seven-year-old daughter Megan
Diego Velazquez: their five-year-old son Patrick
Sam M. Hall: Megan and Patrick's older brother John Jr.
Harrison Ford: Dr. Robert Stonehill, University of Nebraska researcher
Jared Harris: Dr. Kent Webber, executive with Zymagen

There is not much that sets this one apart except for the story: the efforts to develop a drug for children affected by a terrible disease. The production values (acting, music, etc.) are uniformly good, not great.

Although there are a couple of gaping holes with respect to John’s personal finances these are easily overlooked as is one out of place line uttered by Dr. Stonehill.

for thematic material, language and a mild suggestive moment.

• Amongst the pile of books John has, the title of one with a purplish cover begins with POM. He refers to his notes written on a yellow legal pad and then glances back at his reference material without touching it and now the POM title is completely hidden by the pamphlet on top of it that moved all by itself.
• This is a common nitpick, the product placement rotating bottle. From one shot to the next the bottle rotates without being touched so that the label is clearly seen. In this instance all this takes place while John and Bob are having dinner in the local bar while drinking Budweiser.

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