Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Crime drama

Gerard Butler: Inventor Clyde Shelton
Bruce McGill: Philadelphia District Attorney Jonas Cantrell
Jamie Foxx: Assistant D.A. Nick Rice
Leslie Bibb: Nick's prosecutorial partner Sarah Lowell
Colm Meaney: Police Detective Dunnigan
Annie Corley: Judge Laura Burch
Viola Davis: City of Philidelphia Mayor

A crime thriller that does not “telegraph” what is coming next makes for riveting viewing. Not that one needs to watch everything: the squeamish like me will have to avert their eyes part way through for one fairly brief scene (an essential part of the story but that doesn’t mean I have to watch it).

The acting is fine, the technical aspects of the first order although the CGI needs a little work. Crisp editing keeps things moving to its ultimate grand finale.

for violence and torture.

• Although Judge Burch keeps her hands below the dais and does not touch them her eyeglasses change position from one shot to another.
• Clyde has some difficulty getting past the table to lie down on the bed but when he gets there the table has conveniently moved to the other side of the room.
• Clyde gets punched and blood oozes from his mouth. When he looks up, the blood has pretty much disappeared.

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Pat Wood said...

This is the first crime/thriller I have seen in years. I, too, hide my eyes during scary scenes. I had a few friends with me, so I could turn to my friend beside me to check what happened if I missed something I need to know. Overall,I enjoyed the movie. It was fast-paced and the story-line moved in the right direction as far as I was concerned. I agree with Ralph's rating of ***.