Saturday, October 17, 2009



Olivia Williams: home room teacher Miss Stubbs
Carey Mulligan: 16-year-old Jenny Martin
Alfred Molina: her father Jack
Cara Seymour: her mother Marjorie
Matthew Beard: Jenny’s friend Graham
Peter Sarsgaard: businessman David Goldman
Dominic Cooper: his business partner Danny
Rosamund Pike: Danny’s girlfriend Helen
Emma Thompson: school Headmistress

This is one terrific movie particularly the acting which is uniformly superb in this film about growing up and getting an education. I do not want to expound on that for fear of giving away too much. In any event, it all rings true.

The dialogue and costuming are right on, the pacing excellent, the musical score fits in beautifully.

This movie will win awards, it’s that good.

for mature thematic material involving sexual content, and for smoking.

• David puts the cello in the back seat with the small end towards the driver’s side. When he removes it from that side it comes out large end first.
• Having opened one present Jenny leaves the other one untouched with its wrapping still on. When she receives more presents she makes room on the table by pushing the first two aside, now both unwrapped.
• After returning from an evening out Jenny stops on the first step to speak with her father. Although she doesn’t move from there, at the end of their conversation she continues up the stairs but from the half-way point.

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