Saturday, September 12, 2009


Science fiction, romance

Eric Bana: 30-year-old Henry DeTamble, Library researcher
Rachel McAdams: the adult Clare Abshire, an artist
Arliss Howard: Henry’s father Richard
Brooklyn Proulx: the young Clare
Ron Livingston: Gomez, boyfriend of Clares roommate
Stephen Tobolowsky: geneticist Dr. Kendrick

Watching this film about a time traveler (someone who can move from one instant in time to another) is like being bounced about on a rocking ship. Just when you think you got a good grasp on the situation, it all changes. An interesting premise this time travelling but it leads to a jumbled mess of encounters as you are witness to things happening totally out of sequence.

Any movie that is primarily a love story to my mind is best served in the traditional narrative form with the odd flashback as required. That way we get to see how things play out. Instead, as each new episode is presented, we know soon it’s going to disappear. Not much fun in that.

for thematic elements, brief disturbing images, nudity and sexuality.

• With the bride and her father about to walk down the aisle, almost half the house behind them is in shadow. By the time they arrive at the altar moments later the entire façade is now in brilliant sunlight.
• While Henry is talking to the young Clare in the meadow, a white thread is clearly visible hanging from her left sleeve. It disappears and reappears between shots.
• Henry slides into bed on the left hand side. The next shot is a close up with him talking to Clare and as the camera pulls back we see he somehow in an instant has gotten over to the right hand side.

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