Sunday, September 6, 2009


Original title: Mille neuf cent quatre-vingt-un
In French with English subtitles

Jean-Carl Boucher: 11-year old Ricardo Trogi
Claudio Colangelo: his father Benito
Sandrine Bisson: his mother Claudette
Marjolaine Lemieux: his schoolteacher Aline
√Člizabeth Adam: another student, Anne Tremblay
Narration by Ricardo Trogi

An amusing autobiographical film focusing on Ricardo’s adaptation to his new environment when his parents move to St.-Foy, Quebec. Played out pretty much in low key it has a certain nostalgia about it for anyone who was ever been in a similar situation.

Although there is one extended scene when they become more serious, for the most part it bounces along from one episode to another.

for brief sexuality.

• While talking finance with Ricardo, Benito says that the mortgage rate has jumped to 5%. These events took place during the titular year when mortgage rates were in the mid-teens reaching a high of 18%.
• Claudette tells Ricardo as punishment he is not allowed to watch the television program The Bionic Woman. Some threat as the last episode on tv was 3 years earlier when NBC discontinued broadcasting the series.
• Ricardo says he needs 10 cents for a soda. That was the price in 1968 but by 1981 a can of pop cost 35 cents.
• Nadia, Ricardo’s sister, in response to a question says in French ““he always ignores me” but the translation in the subtitle is way off with “he’s always mean like that”.
• On the back door is a decal of a security alarm company that was not even in business back then.

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