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With the discovery of gold in the Yellowknife region in the 1930’s, and the advance of mining and other resource exploration throughout the north, Hay River in the Northwest Territories became the transportation hub of Great Slave Lake. The all-weather Mackenzie Highway reached the lake in 1948, and shipping companies began to use Hay River as their base for supplying northern settlements along the Mackenzie River and the Arctic Coast.

In 1961 construction began on the Great Slave Lake Railway running north out of Edmonton, Alberta primarily to transport fuel used in the mines and throughout the Western Arctic communities. It was completed in 1964.

Craig Olejnik: Martin Bishop, timekeeper for a crew of railway workers
Stephen McHattie: Fisk, the gang foreman
Gary Farmer: Cook
Wayne Robson: Martin's bunk buddy Lomacki
Roy Dupuis: Scully, leader of the outcasts
Julian Richings: Grease, one of the outcasts
Vittorio Rossi: Jeeter, another one

The conflict between good and evil is centermost in this small scale film set in the far Canadian north. With a few unexpected turns, the outcome is never a sure thing.

for disturbing images, some violence.

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