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Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson (born June 30, 1966) is a retired American professional boxer (5”11” tall) who was the undisputed heavyweight champion holding titles from the World Boxing Council, the World Boxing Association and the International Boxing Federation.

Heavyweight is a weight class in boxing. Fighters who weigh over 200 pounds are considered heavyweights by the major professional boxing associations, the W.B.C., the W.B.A. and the I.B.F.

The promotional material described him as “the baddest man on the planet.” No doubt that resulted a larger gate and more betting on the outcome; it was also very close to the truth. And the truth is what makes this documentary unlike most others. The frank, honest, unscripted, no-holds-barred revelations by the former champ.

Anyone who’s had a passing interest in professional boxing can remember some of his famous bouts whereas others probably heard of his more controversial activities and formed some opinion of him. It’s refreshing to hear his side of it

Viewing the archival footage of his fights clearly shows why he was the champion for so many years. Mike’s recall and analysis of these bouts is amazing but again he’s probably lived them in his mind for years. And well he should.

for language, including sexual references.

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