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Rory Culkin: 15 year-old Scott Bartlett
Jill Hennessy: his mother Brenda
Alec Baldwin: his father Mickey, a real estate developer
Emma Roberts: 16 year-old next-door neighbour Adrianna Bragg
Cynthia Nixon: her mother Melissa, a real estate agent
Timothy Hutton: her father Charlie
Kieran Culkin: Scott’s older brother Jimmy, a soldier home on leave

Good performances all around make this story about two very dysfunctional families seem plausible, although there are times it borders on being a little too much. However it is how the kids acquit themselves in this sitution that is of greater interest.

for language, some sexual content, violence and marijuana use.

• Jimmy is too busy eating his piece of cake to even touch his Coke. Viewed from his left hand side the bottle is almost full; however the camera views from the right show quite a bit of it has gone.
• The setting of the movie is Long Island, New York. The ZIP code is 11561 not 89023 as shown on the real estate sign put up by Mickey. BTW the ZIP code 89023 is the bombing range of Nellis Air Force base.
• Charlie is watching the tv news coverage of the Iranian hostages. Throughout their captivity, the hostages were paraded in front of television cameras, often blindfolded or hooded. The problem is the movie is set in the fall of 1979 and the first showing of the hostages was not until 1980, months after Charlie’s viewing of it.
• Jimmy tells his brother he’s to be deployed to take part in the Falklands War. There would be another two and a half years before the outbreak of hostilities in April 1982. Furthermore the war was between the United Kingdom and Argentina; the United States military was not even involved.
• Adrianna takes a slug of wine and passes the bottle to Scott neck first. The shift in the camera’s point-of-view to over Scott’s shoulder shows him taking the bottle bottom first, not by the neck.
• Dressing for his confirmation Scott is helped by his mother who straightens his shirt collar on the right hand side, leaving the left hand side flipped up. With the change in camera angle the right hand side has reverted to the way it was before Brenda touched it.

Rory and Kieran Culkin are real life brothers.

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