Saturday, January 17, 2009


Romantic comedy

Dustin Hoffman: Harvey Shine, a writer of TV commercial jingles
Emma Thompson: Kate Walker, a survey-taker at Heathrow airport
Eileen Atkins: Kate’s mother Maggie
Liane Balaban: Harvey’s daughter Susie

If you’re only going to see one romantic comedy this year, make it this one. For starters we get to see two seasoned actors at their very best in this charming story geared to the adult audience. The unspoken dialogue is right on and the editing keeps the whole thing moving at a good clip.

for brief strong language.

• While flying economy to London, Harvey is served a drink in a real glass. These have been outlawed since 9\11 as a potential dangerous weapon.
• During his ride in a cab Harvey’s on his cell phone calling his boss. Through the back window we can see a red bus that jumps from moment to next sometimes being back some distance to just behind the cab and once just about to pass it.
• On her way out Kate butters a piece of toast and begins eating it then she turns to hug her mother and magically the toast has disappeared.
• Although he has yet to get his boarding pass, Harvey makes a call from gate B24 departure lounge, a huge breach of security in an airport.

Stick around when the end-credits begin to roll to get a “postscript”.

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What a wondeful website! I will forward this to Faith, as she is keen to Last Chance Harvey.