Thursday, January 22, 2009



Kate Hudson: 26-year-old lawyer Liv
Anne Hathaway: her best friend Emma, a grade school teacher
Candice Bergen: Marion, a famous wedding planner
Steve Howey: Liv’s fiancĂ© Daniel
Chris Pratt: Emma’s fiancĂ© Fletcher
Bryan Greenberg: Liv’s brother Nate

Unless you meet the criteria of the target audience, you best stay away. Geared to those young women who hope one day to get married to a "handsome prince", it will win no awards. Certainly not for acting as both principals are forced to act in a childish manner, yelling at one another to make themselves better understood. They come across as crass young adults rather than the professionals they contend to be.

Just about everybody in the movie seems to be playing this with a “tongue-in-cheek” attitude and not taking it very seriously at all. Nor should we.

for suggestive content, language and some rude behavior.

• The bride at the Plaza Hotel is holding her flute champagne glass in one hand and her bouquet in the other while berating her best friends (nice way to start to start a movie hey?) She then turns to throw the bouquet but poof! no encumbrance of any glass: it has disappeared.
• While sitting on the sofa with Fletcher, Emma has one leg folded under her, then it is outstretched and finally curled beneath her all without once getting up.
• They girls are told the next available date for a wedding at this location is Saturday June 5, 2012. June 5, 2012 will be a Tuesday.
• Fletcher is about to go to the gym and puts on his hoodie. While talking with Emma the collar has a mind of its own from one shot to another: sometimes laying flat but more often sticking up on the right hand side all rumpled.

Not my usual choice of movie I agree but I was intrigued having been a professional wedding photographers for some years and was curious to see how things have changed since then. I should have stayed home and read a book instead.

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