Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Romantic comedy

Helen Hunt: 39-year-old schoolteacher April Epner
Matthew Broderick: her husband Ben
Bette Midler: TV talk show host Bernice Graves
Colin Firth: Frank, a single dad

If 1 is > than 2 then R is < 3.

This cryptic mathematical formula (better known as Ralph's Rating Rule #1) can be translated as follows:
If any 1 person assumes more than 2 key production roles then the Rating of the film will be less than 3.

In this case the Rating is 1 because I walked out after a torturous 45 minutes hoping it would get better. But it didn’t.

Helen Hunt is the Producer, the Director, Writer and Female star. As such she has total control over all aspects of the film and it is a mess. In addition to the lousy acting evident right from the get go and the unrealistic situations that develop the story is boring.

Even the sex scenes are a disappointment: no one even bothers to take their clothes off.

for profanity and sexual situations.

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