Monday, May 12, 2008



Tina Fey: 37-year-old Kate Holbrook, a VP with an organic foods company
Sigourney Weaver: agency owner Chaffee Bicknell
Amy Poehler: a high-school dropout Angie Ostrowiski
Dax Shepard: her boyfriend (or common-law husband?) Carl
Romany Malco: Oscar, doorman at Kate’s luxury apartment
Steve Martin: Barry, the founder of Round Earth and Kate’s boss
Greg Kinnear: Rob, owner of a blended juice cafe

It’s not much of a comedy when the best lines are ones delivered by a doorman. Steve Martin can be funny but not when it comes across as forced and repetitive. The white-trash jokes might be offensive to some but Carl’s foul-mouth boorish behaviour will be objectionable to almost everyone.

Despite some respectable performances the whole thing comes across as a sit-com rerun with the funny moments the groan or slight-smile-type rather than laugh out loud sort. And I won't even get into suspension of disbelief requirement.

for crude sexual humor, language and a drug reference.

Kate and Rob stroll down a lane and pass by a fire hydrant then stop beside a lamppost. When they turn to retrace their steps they have been magically transported back some distance since now they are starting off very close to the fire hydrant.

Although product placement has been around a long time sometimes it can be overdone and becomes very intrusive. Not content showcasing products to reduce the cost of production (Audi automobiles, Marriott hotels) there are many products for which they would charge a fee: several brands of beer, sugary snacks, baby products and the like. There should be some kind of law limiting the amount of advertising a paying audience is subjected to!

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