Saturday, February 9, 2008


With English subtitles as required

There has been any number of stories and movies about the systematic pillaging of art treasures by the Nazis during WWII. But none have presented it as clearly and truthfully as this film making use of original filmstock (as opposed to the grainy ones generally presented) and insightful narration by Joan Allen, an acknowledged expert in the field.

Interviews by some of those who were affected by this plundering also provide little known information about what else the Nazis were up to. Riveting stuff.


In ancient Greek mythology Europa was a Phoenician princess abducted by the god Zeus and taken to the island of Crete. By 500 B.C. Europa had transitioned from being the name of someone to that of a geographical designation, which by then had been expanded to encompass the region to the north of mainland Greece, the area known today as Europe.

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