Friday, February 22, 2008



Carrie-Anne Moss: Catherine
Andrew Airlie: her husband Dale
Cameron Bright: their son Brady
Kevin Zegers: 20-something-year-old Jordie
Callum Keith Rennie: Walt Braugher, university professor
Tygh Runyan: his younger brother Dennis
Lauren Lee Smith: Sherri, student and part-time television weather reporter

I may be wrong but it seems to me Carl Bessai saw the movie Crash and said something to himself along the lines of

“I can write a story like that about a group of unhappy people in dysfunctional relationships all linked because of some tragic event. But I’ll have actors who just read their lines and include a couple of really sexy scenes to compensate. And in addition to writing the movie I’ll also direct it, produce it and handle the cinematography ‘cause I’m a one-man-show.”

And he might have added, “I’ll drag it out as long as I can with contrived situations and ultimately end up with a totally unsatisfying ending.”

Nuff said.

for several explicit, graphic, prolonged sexual encounters, the hallmark of hardcore pornography.

Catherine is stacking the cereal boxes and although she doesn’t touch the one on the left hand side laying down on its side, it moves from shot to shot.

When Sherri begins her weather report the clock behind her shows it to be 1:02pm. Although she only speaks for a minute or so, when her report is over it is now 1:25pm.

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