Sunday, May 13, 2007


Romantic comedy

Keri Russell: Jenna, waitress in Joe's Pie Diner and master pie-maker
Cheryl Hines: Becky, the “brassy waitress” in this small-town diner
Adrienne Shelly: Dawn, the “wallflower waitress”
Jeremy Sisto: Jenna’s husband Earl
Nathan Fillion: Dr. Pomater, the new doctor in town
Andy Griffith: the diner’s eponymous owner, crotchety Old Joe
Eddie Jemison: Ogie, Dawn's blind date

Right from the get-go it seems like we’re watching a sit-com. But beneath the appearance of a lightweight comedy there are serious issues being brought to light. There are no real belly laughs but quite a few chuckles although there are some uncomfortable moments too.

The casting is right on and the acting consistently good, particularly by Andy Griffin who fits the role perfectly.

for sexual content, language and thematic elements.

Jenna wears an apron with a narrow pouch for the Guest Check Pad she uses to take the order. Becky and Dawn give her a small scrapbook which she slides into the pouch which has conveniently grown twice as large.

While working on post-production for the film, director\writer\co-star Adrienne Shelly got into a confrontation with an illegal immigrant who was making noise in the apartment below her. Diego Pillco, 19, confessed that he fought with Shelly and accidentally killed her. He has been charged with murder. She was 40-years old.

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