Thursday, May 17, 2007



Zach Braff: Tom Reilly, lunch chef at a upscale NYC restaurant
Amanda Peet: his wife Sofia, an attorney
Charles Grodin: her father Bob Kowalski
Mia Farrow: her mother Amelia
Jason Bateman: Chip Sanders, employee of Sunburst Advertising Agency

The whole thing feels like a television sit-com based on the hackneyed premise of a character being out of his or her element. The complete absence of any witty dialogue means any comic relief comes from slapstick in its most primitive form including a food fight, inflicting pain on others, hitting people, falling down and slamming into things.

As would be expected from this third-rate comedy there are the requisite shot or two to a man’s lower regions that’s always guaranteed to get a laugh. And if this is not enough, there are tasteless references to the disabled along with juvenile “potty-mouth” humour.

To say the acting is terrible is unfair: it is awful (including such stalwarts as Mia Farrow of all things) with most simply reading their lines without any emotion.

for sexual content, brief language, and a drug reference.

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