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The Directorate of Military Intelligence section 6 (commonly referred to as MI6) with it headquarters in London, England is responsible for espionage activities outside the United Kingdom. Its first director was Captain George Mansfield Smith-Cumming who typically signed correspondence as “C”. All subsequent directors of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Services, including M16 and the Internal Security Service M15, have adopted this practice and use just one initial as their code name.

Supposedly agents who have killed two people in the line of duty are assigned a new number beginning with double zero. James Bond was the seventh MI6 agent to become a member of this elite group and subsequently is known simply as Agent 007.

Daniel Craig: James Bond, agent 007
Judi Dench: M, Director of MI6
Mads Mikkelsen: Le Chiffre, money launderer for terrorists
Mr. White: broker for one of Le Chiffre’s biggest deals
Eva Green: MI6 treasury officer Vesper Lynd
Giancarlo Giannini: Mathis, the British agent based in Montenegro
Jeffrey Wright: Bond’s old friend CIA agent Felix Leiter

It’s got all the ingredients of a James Bond movie: lots of action, several chase scenes, wholesale mayhem, beautiful women, bad guys/good guys, fast cars, exotic locations and vodka martinis, “shaken not stirred”.

But there are a few changes too: the violence has been cranked up a notch and there are no gadgets to be seen anywhere. But the biggest change of all is that we’re back to square one since this is about the recently graduated (promoted?) agent 007.

It all works very well but at almost two and a half-hours, it’s a bit too long.

for intense scenes of violent action, a scene of torture, some sexual content and brief nudity.

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