Wednesday, November 8, 2006


In French, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic with English subtitles

Yussef and Ahmed, two young Moroccon brothers
Brad Pitt: Richard
Cate Blanchett: his wife Susan, both touring Morocco
Nathan Gamble: their son Mike
Elle Fanning: their daughter Debbie
Adriana Barraza: the children’s Mexican nanny Amelia
Gael García Bernal: her nephew Santiago
Rinko Kikuchi: Chieko, a deaf-mute teenager
Kôji Yakusho: her father Yasujiro

At first it’s a bit confusing with three separate stories not all on the same time line. But gradually the pieces start falling into place. Despite the length of the movie (it’s 2 hours and 22 minutes long) there is a lot going on and not much could be edited out.

Excellent acting throughout and the cinematography is top notch.

for violence, graphic nudity, some sexual content, language and brief drug use.

1. a city in Shinar where the building of a tower is held in Genesis to have been halted by the confusion of tongues
2a: a confusion of sounds or voices
2b: a scene of noise or confusion

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