Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Fact based drama\comedy

The theatre opened as the Palais de Luxe Cinema in December 1909 in the city’s East End with a tiny corner entrance leading to the underground auditorium. In 1931 architect Edward Jones made alterations to the building to convert it into a live theatre. A new facade was added in the style of a windmill with turrets and balconies carried out in a traditional style. The interior design was by Mrs Laura Henderson in tones of beige and brown. It opened as the Windmill Theatre in June 1931 with the play "Inquest" by Michael Barringer. Unfortunately 'legit' theatre was not all that popular and in the autumn of 1931 it returned to screening art house films.
Then Mrs Laura Henderson introduced London to a new kind of show along the lines of those seen in Paris. The show drew large crowds and became one of London's must see attractions. Opening on February 4, 1932 the show ran daily until October 1964.

Judi Dench: Laura Henderson, wealthy widow
Thelma Barlow: her friend Margo, better known as Lady Conway
Bob Hoskins: veteran producer Vivian Van Damm
Christopher Guest: High Commissioner Lord Cromer, Chief Censor
Will Young: Bertie, the Windmill’s singing male emcee
Kelly Reilley: Maureen, the show's star attraction

A very entertaining movie with lots of glitter, comedy, song and dance. In typical British fashion, the dialogue is often hilarious, as are some of the situations. Great acting by the principals adds to the enjoyment.

for nudity and some language

Among the group milling around outside the theatre are some soldiers wearing officer’s caps but none of them have the requisite shoulder epaulets indicating their rank.

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