Saturday, January 21, 2006


Fact based sports drama

Josh Lucas: Don Haskins, coach of the Texas Western University Miners basketball team
Red West: his senior assistant, Ross
Evan Jones: his younger bespectacled assistant, Moe
Derek Luke: the team’s most talented player (and lady’s man), Bobby Joe Hill
Mehcad Brooks: Harry Flournoy, wanting to do well to make his “momma” proud
Damaine Radcliff: Willie "Scoops" Cager, playing despite a medical condition
Al Shearer: Nevil Shed, struggling with his own self doubts
Sam Jones II: Willie Worsley, the team’s shortest player at 5’7”
Jon Voight: Adolph Rupp, legendary winningest coach of the conference leader Kentucky Wildcats

Predictable in terms of the outcome of the game, the movie brings to mind issues that have been previously glossed over. At the same time, it shows how one man changed the game of basketball back in the mid-sixties by not accepting the "informal rules" regarding black players.

for racial issues including violence and epithets, and momentary language.

While walking off the court, Bobby Joe Hill stops abruptly when Coach Haskins calls his name. He turns around to face the Coach and he is midway between the free throw circle and the centre circle. He remains immobile while they are talking. But when the camera pulls back, we see now he is somehow almost completely inside the free throw circle.

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