Saturday, October 22, 2005



Jodie Foster: Kyle Pratt, a jet propulsion engineer
Marlene Lawston: her 6-year-old daughter Julia
Peter Sarsgaard: Gene Carson, the in-flight air marshal
Sean Bean: Captain Rich

A thriller should be just that. And this one delivers, in part because the mood is set early on and the well-constructed plot builds from that point. The acting is top-notch with Jodie Foster being called upon to portray a range of emotions, which she does superbly.

for violence and some intense plot material.

1. Ms Pratt and her daughter take a taxi from their Berlin home and arrive shortly thereafter at the airport. But during the flight, the chief steward says she reviewed the passenger list with gate personnel at the Munich airport when she should have said at the Berlin airport.
2. Shortly after the aircraft has reached its cruising altitude on its way to the States, we are told they are flying at 37,000 feet. Aircraft tracking 180-359° (Westbound) are assigned altitudes in even (not odd) thousands.
3. At one point in time the Captain suggests the flight might be diverted to Goose Bay Labrador. This airport is used exclusively by the Canadian Armed Forces as a military air force base. Nearby Gander International Airport handles civilian air traffic in the area.

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