Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Sports drama

Age - all thoroughbreds count January 1 as their birth date
Breeders' Cup - thoroughbred racing's year-end championship, a multi-million dollar extravaganza held on the last Saturday in October each year, that brings together the world's best horses to compete in one of the eight races run that day
Colors - racing silks, the jacket and cap worn by jockeys. Silks can be generic and provided by the track or specific to one owner
Filly - female horse, four-years old or younger
Foal - a baby horse
Furlong - ⅛th of a mile
Mare - female horse, five-years old or older
Stud - male horse used for breeding

Kurt Russell: Ben Crane, horse trainer
Elisabeth Shue: his wife Lily, a part-time waitress
Dakota Fanning: their daughter Cale
Kris Kristofferson: Ben’s father, Pop
David Morse: stable owner Palmer
Freddy Rodriguez: horse jockey, Monolin
Luis Guzman: stablehand, Balon

This movie is like a favourite bedtime story: there is nothing original about it, the story is well known, the ending predictable, yet it’s fun to read over and over again because it is a “feel-good” type of story.

for brief mild language.

The Breeders’ Cup was first run in 1984 so the 22nd running takes place in 2005. October 29 of that year was a Friday, not a Saturday.

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