Monday, May 30, 2005


Animated cartoon

Chris Rock: voice of Marty, a zebra at the Central Park Zoo
Ben Stiller: Marty's best friend, Alex the lion, who is the zoo’s top draw
David Schwimmer: Melman, a hypochondriac giraffe
Jada Pinkett Smith: Gloria the hippo, the zoo’s most sensible character
Sacha Baron Cohen: King Julien
Cedric the Entertainer: Maurice's right-hand man
Andy Richter: Mort, the smallest member of the lemur tribe

This is a fun movie with more than a few chuckles. It is bright and colourful. So are the four main characters (well maybe some of them aren’t all that bright) who share an adventure started easily enough with a “what if?” question.

After a slow start, things get going once they leave Grand Central Station. Although the target audience is certainly kids, there are some things only the adults will get. Several recreated scenes are from movies such as Chariots of Fire and Saturday Night Live that were playing in theatres 25 - 30 years ago. As a refreshing change, the movie is completely devoid of any crude humour or bad words. The only swear word comes about when a couple pieces of the big bamboo sign fall off.


Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, about 1,000 miles long and 360 miles wide. It is located 250 miles off the south-east coast of Africa.

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